Leak Roof Repairs Slate or Tile

Dublin Roof Repair

Fixing natural slates or tiled roofs should only be carried out by competent roofers/slaters as it is a skilled craft and requires an experienced hand.

We pride ourselves on finishing each and every roof to the highest standard possible a finished roof which is both weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

If you have problems with your roof and need a reliable roof  tiler/slater? We are the leading specialist in all aspects of roof repairs, maintenance and installations. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we have the experience and skills needed to provide all of our customers with a truly unique service. It doesn’t matter if you need us to re-tile an entire roof or just repair a small extension. No job too big or too small.

Our services include leaking roof repairs for slate, tile and flat roofs, gutter repairs, new roofs, gutter cleaning, roof inspections, and the application of slate, tile, torch on felts, metal cladding system, gutters, fascia, soffit, lead and copper. All of the materials we use are high quality and are bought in bulk from leading manufacturers, enabling us to provide you with fantastic services that are competitively priced.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, our roof slater is highly sought after. If you need a reliable and trustworthy professional, our experts will be more than happy to guide you through the entire process from the initial consultation through to the aftercare stages. We will be more than happy to book you in for a time and date that suits you, and will be able to provide you with a written quotation for all work to be completed.

Slate roofs have a long life expectancy and our experienced workforce will repair broken slates or re-slate entire roofs. We can source all types of roof slates to suit your requirements at a very competitive cost.

Natural Slate

Natural slate has been accepted for generations as the ultimate roofing material. A natural slate roof simply has no equal in its natural beauty enhanced look and design of any building with its rich natural beauty. There are many benefits to a slate roof from longevity and appearance to energy conservation.

Fibre Cement Slate

The Fibre Cement Slates offer an economical roofing solution as an alternative to natural slate products. These highly engineered slates, provide a uniform finish which facilitates rapid on site installation with a minimum of waste. Modern technological advances have led to an increased life span for both structural and colour.

Reclaimed Natural Slate

Slate and tiled roofs Repaired or installed. If you need to match or simply want to expand your environmental awareness Reclaimed Natural Slate is a highly suitable. With all the beauty of Natural Slate there are no compromises to quality or durability of this product. The majority of reclaimed Slate available in Ireland is Blue Bangor but other slates are available upon request.

So if you are looking for slate roof tiles, sealer, or repair then contact us today and we will be delighted to help you with your roofing requirements.

Finding The Right Contractor

Looking For Roofing Contractors Dublin?

If you live in Dublin, chances are that finding the right roof contractor for your roof repairs is often challenging and confusing. Your roof is one of the vital areas of your home, and there’s probably nothing worse or more disturbing for you as a homeowner than having a roof problem. Perhaps, what’s worse is discovering the perfect roofing contractor to meet your roof repair needs. You don’t want to entrust your roof repairs to anybody.

With the advent of the internet, many roofing companies began to set up multiple web pages and pay for adverts in various home improvement directories. This results in tons of advert campaigns to choose from, and it becomes easy to make the wrong choice.

The bottom line remains that getting the best hands for your roof repairs is a significant factor in the durability and longevity of your roof. Though it might take some time and diligence to find the right roofing contractor for you, it always pays off at last when you finally discover a roofer you can trust with your roof repairs.

Keep these helpful tips at your fingertips and not only will you get the right roofing contractors for your roof repairs in Dublin, but you’ll also enjoy the best value for your money—your hard-earned money!

Get References

The good old way still works! Be sure to ask around. If your neighbour or friend recently had their roof installed or fixed, ask for the name of the company and their level of satisfaction with the job. This can help in narrowing down your search, and you can also find out a couple of things:

  • did they start the job at the stipulated time?
  • type of materials to be used
  • time taken for job completion
  • did they clean up after the job?
  • comparison of final cost with the initial estimate

Get Job Details and Agreements In Black and White

Except for minimal emergency repairs, you should ensure to get everything you’ve discussed and agreed with your contractor in writing, before the start of the work. This should include:

  • work estimates and cost breakdown for materials and labor, including costs for any additional work that may be required
  • a clear report of the exact work that will be carried out
  • a clear statement of their quality guarantee
  • project timeline including start and finish dates
  • warranty information and any required permits
  • mode of payment
  • what will happen if the job falls short of the satisfactory standard
  • terms and conditions

It’s also crucial that you understand the financing terms used in the contract.  A reliable roof contractor will appoint a competent employee to explain the contract and answer any questions and clear up any uncertainties you might have. There should be no part of the agreement that is confusing or left “up in the air.”

It would help if you generally avoided any roofing contractor that hesitates to provide project details and agreements in writing.

Ask for a Free Assessment and Quote

While pricing should not be the deciding factor in your choice of the right roofing contractor for your roof repair, you would want to have an assessment of the level of roof damage and an estimate for the cost of repair work.

A good contractor should be able to inspect and assess your roof, take note of the damages and suggest possible solutions for free. The result is that you should be able to compare different quotes without incurring extra costs.

Get a free quote from Roof Repair Dublin.

Check for Experience

You probably wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that just started last week, neither will you readily sign up for brain surgery with a doctor who just graduated from school. So why entrust a project as crucial as your roof repair to a roofing contractor without a long track record of providing excellent service?

Examine the company’s reputation and past works, from the most recent jobs carried out in the last three months, to the projects done as far back as three years ago. Generally, there are higher chances of getting the highest quality of workmanship from a contractor who has executed a similar roof project multiple times in the past than from one who’s new in the business.

Know your Material Choices

Roofing contractors are only as good as the materials they use. A good roof contractor should be able to recommend the best materials for your roof to match your budget and environment. A contractor that doesn’t offer you different shingle options doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Check that your roofer utilizes the best materials for your roof repairs to ensure durability. Also, it is best to choose contractors that are experts in the particular roofing material that you want to repair or install. Ensure that they are approved by the roofing manufacturer for the product’s installation and repair.

Check for Guarantees

Some contractors cannot offer warranties that cover their workmanship. For an incorrect roof installation or repair, the resulting damages might take a while to show up—insurance doesn’t cover this. In this case, if the contractor refuses to fix it or is no longer in business, your only option will be to repair the damages yourself.

You can save yourself from this ugly situation by checking if there is any warranty on the project and the kind of warranty offered by the roofing contractor. A reputable roofing company will always be confident in their work and will back it up with a strong warranty.

Choose a Local Roofing Contractor

Make sure to choose a roofing contractor that is local to your area. This means that not only are they based and operating locally, but are an established business and have an excellent reputation in your community. Besides, they are familiar with the local laws and have built a good relationship with local crews and suppliers.

Talking about locality, you’re probably reading this because you’re in Dublin and are looking for a reputable roofing contractor for your home. We offer a free call-out and inspection service, provide expert recommendations, and if you decide to proceed with our service, you’ll find our pricing unbeatable. Why not call us today for a quick chat and friendly quote? You’ll be glad you did! See our website Roofing Dublin

New Roofs Installed

Dublin Roofing Contractors

Roofs Installed we provide Roofing Solutions in Dublin.

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We provide the complete roofing services, from Flat Roofing, Roof Repairs, New Roofs Roof Refurbishments in Dublin.
Roofing Solutions we specialise in providing high quality. Roofing installations for residential,commercial and industrial clients throughout Ireland, over 30 years of industrial experience in the roofing trade.

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  • Free roofing survey damage assessments.
  • Free roof repairs quotes
  • We offer a 10 year contractor guarantee
  • Fully insured roofers which are VAT and Tax certified.
  • Our customers always come first, always.


Call us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a quotation.

Lead Valleys Roof Repairs

Lead Valley Chimney flashing


Lead has been used as a waterproof roofing material since ancient times and can be sometimes seen as greenish roofs and domes on today’s buildings.

We use tried and tested copper roofing fixings and techniques make copper the ideal trouble-free building material for roofing, cladding, flashings, gutters, downpipes and other architectural designs in Dublin.

Advances in technology and techniques, machinery and fixing technologies have greatly reduced costs, which enables copper to be used in a greater variety of building situations than in the past.

Over the years we have been providing solutions, we have developed custom solutions for nearly every type of situation, as well as the ability to resolve any unique challenge.

There are then two basic fitting methods: the roll baton or standing seam methods. When using the roll baton method, batons are securely fixed to the deck, forming the bays which are a characteristic feature of these roofs. The copper bays are formed to the exact specifications of your roof, and fixed into the prepared bays. Cappings and trims are welted on to provide a watertight seal at all the joins.

Using the standing seam method, the copper is secured to the roof by the means of stainless steel clips, fitted between the upstands of the bays, which are then welted together.

Lead Valleys Repaired

Lead Valley Chimney flashing

Lead Valleys Repaired or installed

When it comes to roofing contractors or repairs. Our Roofers repair all types of roofs and valleys (Lead Valleys) by a number of means, complete replacement, limited replacement, and repair or refurbish original.

The valley of a roof is the segment of the roof where the course of the roof changes or where a dormer or a bay window is installed into the roof also rainfall flows here. When you are having problems with a leaking or seeping valley we refurbish, renovate and seal the lead, lead, zinc or compliment whatever materials that are in the valleys.

The most popular way of securing a water proof valley is to use metals such as Lead, lead, Aluminium and Zinc. Whether its tiles or slates we use reliable techniques, that way we give a superior quality repair that we will guarantee. Roof Valleys are also formed using roof tiles and can provide very long service. Laced valleys while rare and infrequent but work very well, however due to the time and skills required to install are very costly. GRP and other contemporary substances have also been utilised in valleys.

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